Hello. I am Sylwia the founder of Turquoise Inspiration Events and Head Wedding Planner. The idea of organising destination weddings came out of blue when in 2012 I planned my own wedding in Santorini. It was a dream wedding and from that moment I knew planning destination weddings was what I always wanted. Who am I? I am in my 40. I am happily married to a man I love with all my heart. He always supports all my ideas (even the crazy ones!). We live in 2 countries – in the UK where we are based in wintertime and in Greece in summertime. Sometimes we live in Poland too.

Apart from being a workaholic and being very passionate about my job, I am very sensitive and hopeless romantic. Yes, I cry at the weddings although I have been organising the weddings for over 10 years. I am also creative, impatient, control freak (that’s why I try to coordinate every single wedding) and a perfectionist. I am crazy about Greece (so far with my hubby we have visited 31 Greek Islands), I like travelling and I like learning foreign languages (I am an English Teacher). I am energetic, I put all my heart into my job.

My favourite colour and gem is turquoise (and all shades of blue).

I love the sun and warmth

I enjoy a glass of wine or G&T while watching a movie or reading a book (history and adventure are my favourite ones).

In a spare time (which I don’t really have) we just take a car and go to explore the beauty of the world.

Destination Weddings