The Catholic wedding service is held in one of the Catholic churches in Italy, Malta and Greece. A Catholic wedding service where the bride and groom are both Catholics is usually Nuptial Mass, where they will both receive Communion. In the case of marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, you can choose to have your Catholic ceremony ‐ including readings and prayers ‐ but no Communion.

The examples of wedding packages below are tailored for the elopement weddings (just the two of you). If you plan to have guests and wedding reception please contact us for a custom consultation and a free quote for your unique event.


Italy, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Malta

  • Booking wedding date and time
  • Church fee
  • Floral arrangement on the altar
  • Violin player
  • Assistance with legal paperwork
  • Pre wedding meeting with wedding planner
  • Professional photographer during the ceremony
  • Basket of rose petals after the ceremony
  • Ceremony coordination
  • Personal escort to collect your Marriage certificate

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